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McAfee, Inc. is an antivirus software and computer security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It markets McAfee Virus-Scan and related security products and services, including the IntruShield, Entercept, and Foundstone brands.
McAfee Total Protection Service
Reduce your onsite infrastructure costs and maintenance with an affordable and all-in-one Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) that includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, web security, and a desktop firewall to block known and as-yet-undiscovered threats to your desktops and servers.
McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint
McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint solutions derails worms, spyware, Trojans, bots, hackers, and identity thieves. The essential version delivers centrally managed, integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, desktop firewall, host intrusion prevention, and proactive web security to educate users and block websites that contain web threats.
McAfee Active Virus Defense
McAfee Active Virus Defense protects you against today’s constantly evolving security threats. It covers desktop, Internet gateway, e-mail servers, and file servers with proven anti-virus protection. It also supports centralized policy management and reporting through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.
McAfee Active VirusScan
McAfee® Active VirusScan® protects your desktops and file servers with advanced anti-virus technology. With McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, it gives you centralized management and reporting. Active VirusScan scans client-level e-mail, FTP access, and Web connections for comprehensive anti-virus coverage.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise

(Formerly Sidewinder)

A next-generation firewall with multi-layer security

Firewall management costs are exploding while archaic protection technologies fail to stop an onslaught of new threats. McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliances provide powerful centralized management and reporting tools to ease planning, troubleshooting, and configuration, while global reputation technology reduces up to 70 percent of unwanted traffic and blocks attacks before they occur.


  • Streamline firewall management
    Put firewall rules in the proper business context to greatly reduce troubleshooting efforts; simplify rule optimization, policy configuration, and compliance auditing with centralized management and reporting
  • Reduce your attack surface area
    Stop the latest threats and eliminate unwanted traffic with reputation-based global threat intelligence, configurable application-level protection, encrypted traffic inspection, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and content filtering
  • Improve business agility and reduce costs
    Gain visibility into network usage, enable faster response times to network outages, and implement new applications faster; use fewer appliances and reduce maintenance costs


  • Proven platform
    High-performance stateful application inspection is proven in the most demanding environments, including numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations; deployment options include physical, virtual, and rugged appliances
  • Optimized management
    Centrally manage firewalls and generate reports; create rules and selectively apply anti-virus, IPS signatures, URL filtering, and more from a single screen; correlate firewall rules to users and applications to ease planning and troubleshooting
  • Unparalleled protection
    Filter unwanted traffic using TrustedSource™ reputation and global threat intelligence; block traffic from countries you don't do business with; add application-layer and encrypted traffic visibility to stop attacks via email, Web 2.0, SSL, and VoIP

McAfee Email Gateway

(Formerly IronMail)

Comprehensive protection from email-borne threats and email data loss

The scale and diversity of email-borne security threats continue to increase. Email is also a primary vector for data loss. McAfee Email Gateway (formerly IronMail) integrates comprehensive inbound threat protection with outbound data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, detailed reporting, and simplified administration. You gain enterprise-class features and performance that scale to meet the most demanding workloads—all with minimal administrative overhead.



  • Protect against all inbound threats
    Identify and block incoming spam with over 99 percent accuracy while protecting against viruses, malware, phishing, directory harvest, denial of service, bounceback attacks, zero-hour threats, and spam surges; TrustedSource™ helps make it happen
  • Stop outbound data loss
    Prevent data leakage with the most extensive on-box email data loss prevention in the industry that features fingerprinting, lexical analysis, and clustering techniques that supplement keyword and pattern matching to detect both structured and unstructured data; policy-based message handling then prevents outbound data loss
  • Safeguard sensitive data
    Ensure that only the intended recipient of sensitive email content is able to read that content and ease regulatory compliance using integrated, policy-based encryption
  • Simplify email security management
    Take advantage of flexible policy creation and enforcement, and enterprise-class logging and reporting capabilities to simplify administration and compliance workloads-and significantly reduce costs; integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for comprehensive reporting and dashboard views


  • Integrated DLP to Stop Data Loss
    McAfee Email Gateway includes the industry's most extensive on-box email DLP capabilities to stop the loss of sensitive information via email. McAfee Email Gateway provides industry-leading email content analysis tools to provide the tightest control of sensitive content in any form to aid compliance with many state, national, and international regulations. It can also integrate with McAfee Network DLP Prevent to enhance the solution's ability to correctly identify sensitive data and assist in its safe handling.
  • Integrated encryption
    Get policy-based email encryption that uses a combination of B2B (TLS, S/MIME, and OpenPGP) and B2C (push and pull) technologies to ensure that even recipients without encryption capabilities are able to receive and reply to secure email
  • TrustedSource global reputation intelligence
    Count on TrustedSource® to provide predictive security against new and emerging threats. Through a global network of sensors and third-party intelligence sources, it correlates and analyzes the behavior of Internet entities and calculates their current reputation or 'trustworthiness'. McAfee customers use this reputation information to protect their infrastructure against the latest online threats.
  • McAfee Email Anti-virus
    Gain integrated protection against email-borne viruses and malware
  • Webmail protection
    Extend integrated security to Outlook Web Access, iNotes, and other common webmail applications
  • Image analysis
    Detect and enforce your policies for pornographic images in both inbound and outbound messages
  • Backscatter protection
    Identify and block false non-delivery notices forged by viruses and spammers
  • Pre-built dictionaries and document training tools
    Jumpstart your data loss prevention efforts by helping the gateway automatically learn which types of data and documents are sensitive, and which aren't. It includes prebuilt dictionaries for regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX, and includes tools for both keyword and document compliance

McAfee Content Security Blade Server

Highly scalable email and web security

McAfee® Content Security Blade Server delivers the functionality large enterprises and service providers need to give employees safe access to Web 2.0 applications and email, while blocking spam and controlling security. The addition of McAfee Web Gateway software, the #1 anti-malware solution, brings a new level of protection, performance, and manageability to this highly scalable platform.


  • Secure your network
    Take advantage of the industry's best anti-malware protection to proactively filter out objectionable content from web traffic in real-time
    • Enhanced real-time behavioral detection of Web 2.0 malicious mobile code
    • Advanced zero-day and targeted attack exploit detection without a signature, regardless of media or content type
    • True context-based threat detection
  • Regain control
    Consistently block 99 percent of spam, thanks to a powerful combination of detection technologies and streaming updates.
  • Gain instant insight
    Monitor overall system status easily with convenient, at-a-glance system dashboard and status indicators
  • Gain complete security and extensibility on demand
    Turn on different features when you need them:
    • Email: Anti-spam; virus removal, anti-phishing, and content filtering
    • Web: URL filtering; anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spyware, ssl scanning, and content inspection
  • Go green and reduce costs
    Use up to 40 percent less power and 40 percent less space when compared to equivalent 1U rack-mounted servers


  • Unmatched security
    Take protection to a new level with advanced zero-day and targeted attack exploit detection , detect Web 2.0 malicious mobile code in real-time; stop spyware, inappropriate web content, phishing, viruses, worms, Trojans, spam and other malware threats, both known and unknown, from entering the network
  • Scalability and performance
    Need more performance? Just add blades. McAfee Content Security Blade Server instantly recognizes and configures new blades and adds them to the pool of shared resources. There's no need to rearchitect your network or worry about balancing the load, the system does it all for you
  • Flexibility
    Protect either your e-mail or web infrastructure separately or take full advantage of the system's flexibility and cover both with a single system. Features and capacity can be easily added with no need for planned downtime
  • Operational efficiency
    Simplify complex, multi-appliance or server deployments and ongoing maintenance with a single enclosure


McAfee Security for Microsoft ISA Server

Keep viruses and other threats off of your ISA server

Protect and control your internet and mail content with McAfee SecurityShield™. It combines anti-virus, anti-spam, and content filtering in an integrated security solution for Microsoft ISA Servers.


  • Keep your system up and running
    By blocking viruses and worms, you can maintain your business continuity by keeping your system up and running
  • Single-console management
    Manage SecurityShield and other McAfee security products with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®; you can control, manage and report all from one powerful yet easy-to-use console
  • Keep information secure
    Filter inbound and outbound emails to keep information secure and avoid regulatory noncompliance


  • Automatic updating
    SecurityShield checks and updates itself hourly without your intervention
  • Advanced anti-virus technology
    Our anti-virus technology protects you against a wide range of virus and malicious code threats; it even drills down to find threats in compressed files; with advanced heuristics and generic detection it also finds new viruses before they are catalogued
  • Advanced content filtering
    It scan emails and over 300 different attachment types for inappropriate words or phrases; with file-type identification and filtering capabilities, you can search and remove attachments and nested attachments found in archived or compressed files
  • Central management and reporting
    Because SecurityShield is integrated with ePolicy Orchestrator, you can manage it and other McAfee security products from a single console and create detailed graphical reports
  • Support multiple protocols
    Filter SMTP, HTTP, and FTP
  • Automatic outbreak manager
    Outbreak Manager detects outbreaks and automatically responds based on policies you set; it can initiate emergency DAT file updates, increase scan settings, force heuristic analysis, and block specific types of files
  • eXtended policy support
    With eXtended Policy Support, apply content policies to individuals or by department; group policies can even be applied as exceptions to global SecurityShield content-scanning policies
  • Anti-spam
    McAfee SpamKiller for SecurityShield, an optional module, integrates with SecurityShield and blocks up to 95 percent of spam with a very low false-positive rate

McAfee Network Access Control

Protect your network from noncompliant or infected systems

Noncompliant, infected, or mis-configured systems pose security risks and incur costs due to system downtime and restoration. Even one infected host on the network can cause disruptions to network bandwidth or infect other compliant systems. Boost NAC with McAfee Network Security Platform to protect high-risk areas on the network by identifying, quarantining, and remediating any infected device.


  • Minimize risk of outbreaks while allowing for policy flexibility
    Protect your network from zero-day threats and infected guest devices; monitor the network continuously for threat assessment and attack behavior originating from all types of devices
  • Minimize exposure from noncompliant, infected, or misconfigured systems
    Allow only authorized devices to have network access: enforce compliance by scanning devices to test their overall security posture as they attempt to log onto a network
  • Reduce downtime and risk
    Guard against infections and vulnerabilities from mobile devices; identify and quarantine misconfigured systems and company laptops that fall out of compliance; enforce network access decision at the system level; remediate noncompliant devices automatically
  • Make intelligent decisions based on real knowledge
    Gain visibility of system and network threats with efficient security collaboration; breakthrough McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) integration provides real-time visibility of actionable system host details, as well as the most relevant host IPS, anti-virus, and spyware events
  • Leverage your existing network infrastructure
    Deploy to all ePO-managed systems in your network infrastructure without hardware replacements; get continuous, broad protection that keeps up with the latest threats using the advanced version of McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint Advanced, which includes NAC; manage it all from a single, centralized console.


  • Dynamic NAC with McAfee Network Security Platform
    Protect the internal organization from the threat of remote access, high-risk branch offices, or guest wireless networks by identifying, quarantining, and then remediating any infected device
  • Flexible and powerful remediation options
    Minimize helpdesk calls and make faster fixes on managed systems with automated remediation; for unmanaged systems, go to a user-directed remediation portal for quick results
  • Broad enforcement options
    Select from a variety of enforcement strategies, thanks to integration with ePO and a flexible architecture; manage "unmanaged" systems that cannot run agents with integrated McAfee Network Security Platform; and enjoy the added enforcement options of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), such as 802.1X, DHCP, VPN and IPSec.
  • Centralized management and control
    Manage and control access to your network, along with your other system security protection, through a single console with ePO; get a bird's eye view or all the details about hosts and define policies; retrieve centralized reports of failed compliance checks and remediation action
  • Protection from non-Microsoft Windows devices
    Monitor and assess threats and attacks from any device, including Macintosh and Unix systems and devices with embedded operating systems, like VoIP phones, printers, faxes, and copiers


McAfee Network Security Manager

Our award-winning intrusion prevention has never been easier to use, manage, and maintain

Unrivaled simplicity teams up with proven protection against a broad range of attacks and threats—from spyware to DoS—with the powerful McAfee® Network Security Manager. Centrally manage your McAfee IPS sensors and policies in real time through our enhanced wizard-based interface. A single, hardened plug-and-play appliance offers user-friendly, hassle-free web-based IPS management.


  • One appliance handles it all
    With a single rack-mountable, fully-hardened, plug-and-play appliance, you get comprehensive, scalable, accurate, and intuitive management of IPS policies and appliances
  • Comprehensive protection
    This powerful yet easy-to-use web-based appliance delivers comprehensive, proven management of IPS configuration, policy, attack blocking, and response actions for small or large Network Security Manager deployments
  • Implement policies to suit your needs
    IPS policy management is more effective and flexible when you have granular control; you can individualize security policies for different enterprise locations, business units, and remote offices
  • Protect your most critical assets
    The configurable, color-coded intrusion Alert Viewer offers prioritized visual tracking of suspicious attack activity for accurate protection of your most critical network assets
  • Turn data into knowledge
    Our centralized at-a-glance dashboard gives you a complete threat and system summary in seconds, while our real-time alert manager offers single-click navigation to alert and attack information; Network Security Manager also creates highly customized, intuitive, and flexible graphical reports
  • Simplifies management and increases productivity
    We’ve made our graphical user interface even more user-friendly and intuitive for simplified, centralized management and maintenance; Network Security Manager’s clean and simple interface reduces the complexity, cost, and time spent managing appliances
  • It grows with your enterprise
    The Network Security Manager’s virtual IPS and internal firewall capabilities are built to scale; it can manage up to 100 IPS appliances and support up to 1000 granular virtual sensors per Network Security Manager appliance


  • An all-in-one management platform
    Our powerful preconfigured and hardened appliance provides plug-and-play functionality and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for managing a single device or an entire enterprise-wide deployment
  • Improves threat visibility and response
    Network Security Manager’s easy-to-use alert manager helps your IT staff stay on top of threats;  with its easy three-click navigation and drill down, your IT staff can quickly view threat data in real time to proactively determine the best course of action
  • Simple, granular security policy management
    Network Security Manager provides granular, yet simple, policy management framework for implementing individualized security policies to suit the needs of your various enterprise entities
  • Easy-to-use preconfigured policies combat the worst threats
    The Network Security Manager comes with a rich set of fourteen ready-to-use, predefined IPS security polices for easy customization and deployment; it accurately and proactively blocks hundreds of attacks right out of the box
  • Deployment is fast and pain-free
    With Network Security Manager’s new setup wizard, deploying advanced McAfee IPS is a snap; it takes only three minutes to install new sensors
  • It blocks the most relevant attacks
    Risk-aware intrusion prevention identifies and blocks most relevant attacks by importing and correlating information from McAfee® Vulnerability Manager as well as open source VA systems like Nessus, for targeted, prioritized risk management
  • IPS and internal firewall are a mighty duo
    Our converged network IPS and internal firewall capabilities deliver a powerful defense against threats while providing unmatched policy enforcement and internal system and network threat protection

McAfee Vulnerability Manager

Identify risk exposures and policy violations. Prioritize resources. Reduce risk
Which threats and vulnerabilities require your attention? Which policies have been violated? Quickly and accurately find and prioritize vulnerabilities and violations on your networked systems with McAfee Vulnerability Manager. Meet PCI DSS quarterly scan requirements with McAfee PCI Certification Services. McAfee is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).


  • Get the jump on business-critical threats
    Defend and manage threats quickly, and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities first; incorporate countermeasures into your overall risk posture; respond when and where it matters most; and avoid unnecessary patches during a crisis
  • Manage your resources more efficiently
    · Make your IT staff more effective by consolidating and automating your manual processes via a solution combining asset prioritization, threat correlation, vulnerability and policy assessment, security intelligence, and problem resolution
  • Get enterprise-class protection
    Scale up quickly and easily to protect any size network, including some of the premier enterprises and government agencies worldwide; flexible deployment options include appliance, software only (including virtualization support), or subscription services
  • Create the reports you need
    Generate customizable reports for any audience-from compliance officers to security analysts; obtain relevant and accurate data for policy audits, formatted for your purposes at either a high or detailed level
  • Focus on the most relevant security alerts
    Integrate with McAfee Network Security Manager (formerly McAfee IntruShield®) to reduce the volume of alerts down to only critical threats; reduce the amount of time it would normally take to analyze and respond to attacks
  • Do more in less time with greater accuracy
    Accurately identify operating systems via high speed scans so you don't waste time and resources responding to false positives; create policy baseline templates from gold standard systems to eliminate the time spent developing and assigning values
  • Get a true picture of your risk and policy compliance posture
    Correlate new threats with existing asset and vulnerability data, and quantify risk levels; conduct agent-less policy compliance auditing without additional software or management consoles


  • Priority-based, countermeasure-aware solution
    Address significant vulnerabilities with a priority-based approach; import buffer overflow protection data from McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) to reduce unnecessary patches; integrate with other McAfee products to fix policy violations, calculate risks, and prevent infractions
  • Broad content checks
    Receive updated vulnerability coverage 24/7 from McAfee Avert® Labs; authenticated checks help you delve deeper into operating systems and networking devices to find vulnerabilities and policy violations; uncover unmanaged wireless access points on your network
  • New threat identification and correlation
    Instantly see how emerging threats affect your current risk profile with Vulnerability Manager's Threat Correlation module: Threat Correlation ranks the risk potential of new threats by correlating events to your asset and vulnerability data
  • Policy auditing and compliance assessments
    Capture, store, and report results of policy checks; with an easy-to-use wizard, define values of policy checks; accurately determine if you comply with leading regulations; you get specific templates for SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, and more
  • Flexible reporting
    Categorize data by asset or network; use a powerful set of filters to select and organize results in your reports; view the results of agent-less Microsoft Windows policy audits which include a compliance summary and details by host or policy
  • Asset-based discovery, management, scanning, and reporting
    Classify assets using detailed, flexible criteria and filters; classify reports by business unit; remediate only important systems; include or exclude hosts based on OS and other properties; scan by business function, asset value, owner, or location
  • Asset synchronization
    Configure multiple Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers to import asset information, so that IT spends less time creating and grouping assets when running scans

McAfee Total Protection for Virtualization

Proven, comprehensive protection for virtual servers
Security risks to virtual servers extend beyond those of physical systems to include virtualization-specific risks. For comprehensive protection for virtual servers, turn to the industry’s most complete and scalable security solution with integrated, centralized management, so that your enterprise can safely benefit from virtualization.


  • Protect your investment in virtualization
    Protect and enforce security policies across physical and virtual environments to guarantee virtualization's ROI in energy savings, lower capital costs, and hardware utilization.
  • Rely on strong proven protection
    Protect your virtual servers with proven anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention, using the award-winning McAfee scanning engine that proactively stops and removes threats, extends coverage for new security risks, and reduces the cost of managing outbreak responses.
  • Keep offline virtual images secure
    Ensure that offline system images pose no security threat when brought back online, and reduce the time and effort previously spent on installing security patches and updates.
  • Avoid business interruptions
    Reduce your exposure to zero-day attacks, fend off new exploits, and save time with automatic vulnerability shielding to protect business productivity.
  • Lower management costs and improve visibility
    Deploy a single console across multiple security products, reducing costs and complexity, so that when threats and regulations change, policies can be updated quickly, accurately, and consistently.
  • Simplify internal and regulatory compliance
    Make it easier for your enterprise to meet reporting and auditing requirements and prove to all stakeholders that security measures are in place for internal and regulatory compliance.


  • On-access scanning for spyware and malware
    Prevent malware, rootkits, spyware, bots, Trojans and other unwanted programs from installing and spreading; McAfee technology examines threat behavior and quickly stops known and undiscovered threats before they can compromise your security.
  • Protection for offline virtual images
    Eliminate frantic patching and updating by automatically scanning, cleaning, and fully securing virtual images with updated signatures while offline, to ensure that the system images pose no security threat when brought back online.
  • Zero-day threat protection
    Block unwanted activity and proactively protect against known and unknown threats. This solution combines signature and behavioral intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection with a stateful firewall and application control.
  • Access protection rules
    Prevent changes to files, registry keys, and utilities within virtual machines, and McAfee's patented behavior-based technology prevents hackers from inserting malicious code into systems during buffer-overflow attacks.
  • Single management console
    Keep protection up to date, configure and enforce compliance with protection policies, and monitor security status 24/7, all from one centralized, web-based console
  • Compliance verification
    Use robust and flexible policy auditing capabilities to find and report vulnerabilities, service mis-configurations, and policy violations on all your endpoints.
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